Instagram Is Allowing Some Users To Make Reels And Stories Using The Same Camera

Instagram is updating its interface, adding a new feature via which people can make Reels using the platform's default Story camera.

Reels has evolved from a taking-off feature to being a fully self-stabilizing rocket that's frankly redefined Instagram's success in new ways. Reels, which is essentially just a TikTok ripoff, have been taking off massively across Instagram handles. Between massive creator programs that pay healthy sums of money depending on the views a Reel generates, and the younger generation's affinity for such short-form content, Instagram makes Reels come together effectively.

I genuinely never thought someone would be able to emulate even a quarter of TikTok's success; watching Instagram get pretty close despite itself evokes mixed feelings in me. Sure, there's the fact that TikTok has healthy marketplace competition now, but that competition comes from a platform owned by Meta, which is a company I truly despise. Oh, well, not much we can do but pet Zuckerberg earns billions.

Naturally, Reels lends itself rather effectively to short-form content. However, there's another Instagram feature that does the same: Stories are essentially just small snippets of day-to-day updates and activities, crammed into an easy-to-scroll-through interface. Making the jump from this to Reels is honestly not a bad decision to come to. Instagram noticed this as well and decided to bind the two features together. That's right: Instagram will now allow users to film Reels using the same camera used for Stories.

Off the bat, compartmentalizing the two features might make it easier for the average individual to make it through Instagram. However, adding Stories and Reels into the same camera makes for a much smoother, cohesive interface. It's the ultimate short-form, two-one combo; or at least I imagine that's how Instagram sees the feature. I'm relatively indifferent, honestly.

The feature, revealed by social media leaker Alessandra Paluuzzi, is currently being A/B tested and will be released to the general public soon after.

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