YouTube Launches New Tool That Converts Existing Videos Into Shorts In Minutes

The competition to be the leading app on social media is definitely strong and that’s why we’re seeing YouTube roll out a number of changes to compete better with other archrivals.

The company is more than keen now than ever to increase the number of Shorts on its platform and that’s why it just rolled out a tool that manages to do that in moments.

YouTube says the new feature allows content creators to convert already existing videos on the app into Shorts. You can find the new update on the company’s mobile application.

Simply select any segment of a video you’d like to convert but you need to make sure it was on the app previously. After that, simply publish the clip as you would normally do for any other Shorts-related content.

As it is, we saw the company roll out an update in the past that was related to automatically converting any vertical video that was less than a minute long into a respective reel. This was also true for all those videos that were published on the app as standard videos.

Not everyone became a fan of the endeavor, it must be noted. Nevertheless, YouTube says it hopes content creators would welcome the new change on board and make more Shorts with greater participation and enthusiasm. Hence, with such tools in place, we don’t think anyone would mind.

It’s like clipping small bits and pieces together after extracting them from longer-duration videos.

This new initiative is definitely proof of how worried Google is about its competition and in particular, TikTok’s famous short-form videos.

Obviously, the company knows that it’s going to be needing a lot more effort than just a simple tool to convert regular content into shorts. However, we feel it’s a great start, nonetheless.

YouTube wants to grow its shorts library at a fast and organic pace and this seems to be a great way to move ahead. Another similar move was seen in April of this year when YouTube stated that it would love to remix regular content into Shorts, unless or until creators wished to opt-out.

Another great aspect linked to this tool is the huge amount of power returned to creators that we have been missing for a while now. All users need to do is select a portion of the video they wish to convert into a reel, making sure it's 60 seconds long.

In case they’re falling short of the 60-second duration, they can always add more content using editing tools that they love and additional videos taken from their gallery.

Creators might be more intrigued to make long-form videos with the tool as the firm says Shorts produced with VOD would automatically link toward the original content.

For a while now, we’ve seen YouTube busy and hard at work with trying to use Shorts as an incentive for users to watch more long-form videos. It’s a trend that has worked so far and the platform couldn’t be happier.

It’s clear that YouTube sees great potential in its Shorts, which serve as the best marketing tool to get plenty of views.

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