The UK Refuses To Make The USB-C A Common Charging Port Across All Of Its Devices

Despite the European Union boldly declaring at the USB-C will now be the common charging port for different devices from the year 2024, it now appears that the United Kingdom will not be interested in following their guidelines.

A recent report by the BBC has gone as far as mentioning that the government of the United Kingdom isn’t going to consider the demands of the European Union in this regard. USB-C iPhones are however in the works.

While the European Union boldly mentioned that this move is going to benefit consumers, there are several people that hold the belief that it’s going to really hurt innovation.

Despite all this talk, there are several people who are waiting for the arrival of the USB-C port that they feel can match a number of devices.

In case you did not know, Apple’s famous lightning port isn’t something new. It’s a good ten years old. In the recent past, it had been dubbed a modern connector that would be called out for the decade.

Therefore, keeping this in mind, it appears to be unavoidable to see the Apple Lightning port undergo a retirement anytime soon.

On the other hand, one representative from Apple has gone as far as mentioning to the BBC how strict regulation in regards to a single connector puts a halt to innovation. They feel that things won’t be encouraged this way and it would just end up harming consumers in Europe and other parts of the world.

With these new rules in place, Apple claims to have no choice but to accept the regulations and go about updating certain devices like their phones iPads, and Airpods.

BBC explained that keeping the post-Brexit rules in mind, the new regulation by the EU will take place in Northern Ireland.

This particular document will provide users with a great choice regarding the use of charging cables along with different devices.

The European Union mentioned that this particular agreement is being designed to make things more sustainable while putting a halt to electronic waste and adding great convenience.

The USB-C charging port will most likely begin with the iPhone series and version 15 is the place to begin.

A leading analyst from Apple says it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Apple will be making the switch to the new port soon. And leading media outlet Bloomberg feels the same.

Additionally, there are some reports that have spoken about Apple already testing the iPhone design that has the in-built USB-C. Meanwhile, the company says we could soon expect the iPhone 15 with this charger to launch by next year in September.

We’ve seen a great amount of pressure build-up for a while now in regards to the new switch. And for many, it’s not a huge surprise that the decision has come into play in the first place.

But the real question is how the European Union is actually going to move above and beyond the usual USB-C, once they deem that to be in the obsolete category.

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