EU Says Every New Portable Electronic Device Must Use A USB Type-C Charger By 2024

If you happen to feel some sort of difficulty in terms of picking out the right charger for your phone, well, those days might soon be over.

The Europen Union has agreed to enforce a new law that will require all new portable electronic devices to possess specific chargers that come under the category of a USB Type-C.

The rule will be applied by the Autumn of 2024 for all those countries that fall under the EU. For now, we’re still not sure if the UK will be following this rule but we’re still waiting for feedback on that.

But if you actually take the Brexit arrangement into consideration, you would find how the EU’s governance is applicable to places like Northern Ireland, as confirmed by the European Union as well as the United Kingdom’s officials.

We also saw a report from 2021 reveal how the new set of requirements would come into play in regards to devices that are being sold off in places like Northern Ireland in regards to the agreement. And that is why some officials fear might end up causing a significant divergence from different goods, along with other parts of the United Kingdom.

See, it’s actually quite simple. This particular treaty comes into effect by putting Northern Ireland as a part of the EU and its market. However, as far as Britain is concerned, it remains outside of the pact.

And just in case you didn’t know, the matter between the European Union and the UK and how it affects the rules in Northern Ireland is still a subject of great discussion.

This new agreement means products from leading tech giant Apple would need to confine themselves to the new rules for products like their iOS phones and iPads. And that will soon be passed on to their laptops. But thankfully, all of their other devices that are existing in the market would be exempt from making this particular change.

Since it has only been given the nod provisionally, we’re still waiting on it to be brought forward to the European Parliament and the governing body of ministers. Only then can we see a final formal yes with due publishing of the law.

For now, Apple is yet to comment on the matter in discussion but it did state back in 2021 how the proposal would be a significant drawback in terms of innovation as you’re solely putting one mandate over a specific type of connector. This would end up adding more harm to consumers both those living in Europe as well as other parts of the globe.

Remember, Apple is undoubtedly the largest producer in terms of using charging ports that are custom designed and hence offer exclusivity to their products. For instance, let’s take the iPhone into consideration. They make use of a Lightning connector that is solely made by the company.

According to the EU, the new mandate will reportedly cover a long list of products such as phones, tablets, portable speakers, consoles for videogames, and headphones.

If any of the devices mentioned above are charged through wired cables then they will require the USB charger specified by the EU.

Without a doubt, we’ll be seeing laptops come under the new rule soon too. However, in this case, tech giants who deal in the production will be provided with at least a 40-month duration during which they’ll be required to work.

The new EU agreement will also include a diversified plan that gives consumers the ability to choose if they would like a charging cable for their new product.

This new initiative by the EU is being done to help make goods more sustainable while putting an end to electronic waste while adding great convenience to users’ lives.

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