Android 13 To Issue Warning To Users Before Older Apps Try To Access Media Files

Google has always been working on ways that issue alerts to its users before they end up opening potentially malicious applications.

And keeping that same theme in mind, Android 13 will soon send out warnings to users whenever their old apps end up gaining access to different media files.

Google has been eyeing it's Android 13 Beta 3 as a huge venture and a major release for the year’s mega upgrade. And that’s when it was soon announced as being platform stable. The launch will soon occur by the end of this year.

Nope, there aren’t too many major upgrades to write home about but this release appears to be more related to small tweaks for the betterment of Android users.

As the tech giant says, Android 13 is majorly related to both privacy as well as security. And the new upgrade focuses mainly on a lockdown that isn’t going to allow old apps to gain into your media storage so easily.

To put it in simple terms, Google really wants to make sure its users receive a warning right before they go about opening some sort of application that’s deemed unsafe.

During the initial launch of the highly anticipated Android 12 Beta 1, we heard from Google how they had made a significant change in the form of permissions relating to media apps.

Before this, we saw apps gaining access to all sorts of media files like music, images, videos, and more. And all that any user required was one single permission. In the end, that prompted the users to just take a look at the content once.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Android 13 is going granular and that means it’s willing to gather up all the categories into a specific camp. This would end up stopping people from randomly gaining access to a gallery.

This is definitely a mighty change and if you really wish to pull it off successfully, you need to get those apps on board that target the newest version of the system for adequate support.

To cover up this major security lapse, you just might end up with a warning related to any app that fails to have its security bounce in various directions or be split up.

One avid social media user by the name of Mishaal Rahman says it’s quite obvious that any related app could view any media file belonging to a user, not just music or images. For now, she is not able to view it on Beta 3 so it appears that it’s going to arrive once a lot more developers begin using the Android 13 as their target of focus.

This new announcement will definitely put us all a little closer to a more stable Android version. However, that doesn’t mean we’re stopping right there as Google says there’s another beta drop that’s good to go soon.

Clearly, the Android 13 realm has its great benefits and that includes the great stability that it comes with. Hence, if you still have a Pixel device, this might be the time to change.

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