Twitter Plans To Give Elon Musk A Comprehensive Stream Of Data On All Of Its Tweets

It just might be Elon Musk’s lucky day as leading social network Twitter is giving the billionaire a firehose of insider information regarding its tweets.

The Tesla CEO has mentioned time and time again how Twitter bots were way more than the estimate projected and hence had called for greater transparency in order for the deal to move forward.

Hence, he wanted more information and now he’s getting more information as a strategy to help move along with the pending Twitter acquisition deal.

The news is certainly turning out to be a major surprise for so many people as the Twitter CEO had previously mentioned that it was not keen on providing more information than what was already made available. But now, it appears that he has taken a complete U-Turn as reported by the Washington Post recently.

After making the huge $44 billion deal, many thought that Elon Musk was looking for ways to buy time so that he could either back out from the deal or simply ask for a lower cost.

Some people went as far as mentioning how Elon Musk had gotten cold feet, others felt that he was feeling the pressure of the ongoing macroeconomic downturn.

Twitter had reportedly received a letter from Elon Musk’s legal team. They mentioned through an SEC filing how the Tesla CEO required more time to help assess the matters of spam as well as Bots.

But Twitter replied by mentioning how external calculations about the company’s internal matters couldn’t be carried out or verified from external sources as it needed the firm’s private data.

Now that he’s been given complete access, Musk can carefully assess the matter personally as before, Twitter was reluctant to turn over the figures.

This firehose information will comprise all sorts of data regarding each tweet that’s given out. This includes which devices were used and the types of information being given in regards to this account.

In regards to the mega $44 billion contract, Elon Musk will need to pull forward with the deal until or unless he proves that he was deceived by the firm in regards to the company’s true value.

In case he does prove that the firm has a much higher amount of bot and fake accounts, it just might be his lucky way out of the explosive acquisition deal. However, the chances of Twitter disclosing fake information like this are highly unlikely to be true.

Another report by the Post showed that there are already two dozen firms that are situated outside the firm that pay to gain access to the exclusive data. Hence, if there were some major discrepancies, they would certainly have been out in the open by now.

A study had been published this morning by GlobalData that proved how at least 10% of accounts on the platform were fake. Now, we’re still unsure if that data came through the firehose being given to Musk or another study altogether.

Whatever the case may be, there are still many questions that remain unanswered including how such a huge firm like Twitter could have the same 5% figure for fake profiles that are arising since the year 2013.

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