Morning Consult Conducted Surveys In 15 Countries To Gauge Opinions On Ad-Based Subscription Tiers Across Streaming Services

Netflix recently made the decision of opening up a new, cheaper, ad-supported tier for consumers. While it’s had mixed reactions across the board, Morning Consult decided to conduct a survey on the matter to really nail down opinions on the matter.

Streaming’s getting sort of expensive, no doubt, especially with just how much content individual platforms have to keep generating to maintain relevance nowadays. With sites such as Netflix, which are already struggling to keep up revenue, relatively drastic measures need to be taken. We already lost MoviePass to a business model that ultimately couldn’t manage both audience expectations and income, pretty sure no one else wants to go down the same way. Well, with Netflix recording the first time its lost subscribers in the past 10 years just recently, it’s decided to help users by providing cheaper options. One of these is a new ad-supported subscription tier, which will allow users to purvey Netflix’s catalog of content at a lower rate, but with ads dispersed in between individual pieces of content (i.e. between episodes, between movies). Of course, with the new tier projected to be released at the end of 2022, things could still change. Maybe they’ll start dispersing advertisements within the individual episodes and movies too.

Advertising’s an annoying beast to deal with, and the internet’s frustration with it is rather high. What with corporation trying to tie it into videos, posts, memes, social media, you name it, everyone’s tired of the unnecessary pandering. Then again, it’s what pays the bills (and a bit too effectively, judging by how many billionaires ads have made of people). Apparently, people have managed to catch onto this as well, and have begun to see ad-related content tiers as a necessity for more affordable entertainment. In surveys that Morning Consult conducted across fifteen countries, fourteen had a higher percentage of individuals willing to settle for cheaper subscriptions even if it meant dealing with ads. Japan was the sole exception, with 48% of individuals having no defined opinion on the matter, 37% settling for ads, and 14% adamantly against them.

Netflix isn’t even the only platform engaging with such services. Almost every major platform such as HBO Max, Disney+, and Amazon Prime will eventually have ad based subscriptions, if they don’t already have them in the first place. Primetime TV and entertainment as a whole is are media built upon advertising; don’t expect them to disappear anytime soon.

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