AI Teams At Meta Undergo Reshuffling As Company Races To Create The Metaverse While Competing With TikTok

It was not too long before we heard about Meta undergoing a reshuffle with its COO Sheryl Sandberg resigning from the organization.

But now, more reshuffling is taking place as there are rumors about the firm racing ahead of time to complete its Metaverse in a bid to compete against arch-rival TikTok

Hearing about the tech giant losing another one of its valuable executives means there is way more to the picture than what the public is being made aware of. And that’s proven with the reorganization of some of the biggest names in the AI division of the firm.

Meta’s vice president for AI has decided to call it quits and that means we’re going to see Jerome Pesenti exit by the end of this month. The news comes as the firm decides to integrate the AI department with different product groups, instead of having the AI section behave as a single central division.

In case you were not already aware, the AI department of the firm is constantly handling plenty of things such as ordering products seen on websites or apps to the powering of little minute details like the VR headsets of Oculus too.

But Meta’s CTO says that all is well and under control with the change being a part of the firm making the most of AI technology and using it to the best of its benefits with the new shuffle.

Yann LeCun who is a part of the company’s research team and head of AI will be accompanied by another leading scientist from the AI division as the duo makes their way forward toward ot the reality labs division of Bosworth. This move is said to consolidate the firm’s AR and VR division further, where there are already 17,000 plus employees.

Meta says the AI is an integral step for the future and that’s why the firm is working hard to define its drastic vision of the Metaverse to so many others with its help. In the near future, it hopes these changes can allow it to also better compete with a fellow rival in the world of social media, mainly TikTok.

Meta feels TikTok is doing a great job with the use of AI to help suggest the best content.

Keeping in mind the new structure for the team, Mete says it’s exciting to move ahead and push its limitations for AI further. They hope to produce new features for billions of users that put their trust in the organization and its projects.

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