Sony Claims Smartphone Cameras Will Make DSLRs Obsolete in 3 Years

Good quality cameras used to be dedicated products, and while early smartphones possessed decent cameras they were not advanced enough for professional photography or filmmaking. Smartphone camera technology has progressed tremendously over the past two decades, and according to Sony they might make DSLRs entirely obsolete by 2024 if current growth rates continue at the same rate. The quality of these cameras has been increasing steadily, and many professionals just use their phone to shoot photos or videos even for commercial purposes.

The president and CEO of Sony, Terushi Shimizu, recently spoke out at a business briefing about how he believed smartphones will surpass DSLRs in every way in the next three years. He specifically spoke about single lens reflex cameras which DSLRs tend to use, and how they will become inferior to the interchangeable lens cameras that so many smartphones have incorporated over the past three to four years.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that most standalone tech has become obsolete because of the rise of smartphones. Laptops have managed to hold their own, but in spite of the fact that this is the case many are choosing to work on smartphones and laptops instead and this trend is holding true for cameras as well. No one needs a special camera if their phone has an equally high quality camera feature along with all of its numerous other additions, so the claims that have been made by Sony’s CEO might hold some weight.

According to Sony, sensor sizes for cameras in smartphones will increase by 100% by 2024. This allows for larger pixels in images and gives more editing and refining options, and given the high price of DSLRs it will be difficult for manufacturers to compete with a superior and much more versatile product.

There will continue to be a market for highly advanced cameras because big budget films won’t be made with smartphones anytime soon. However, consumer facing camera products like DSLRs might not be able to last much longer.

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