YouTube Could Land Itself In Hot Water For Unauthorized Uploads As Copyright Damages Strike

A German court has recently revealed how several of Google’s platforms such as YouTube could be in hot water as they’re being charged for damages related to copyright in relation to unauthorized uploads.

Even if the content was published online through third parties, YouTube will be responsible.

The court ruled that the platforms would only be held responsible if they failed to act in a swift manner when it came down to blocking the access for illegal uploads.

The shocking news and case come at a time when there’s a long ongoing battle taking place between different online platforms and creative industries hailing from Europe. The latter is accused of getting authorized uploads and obtained redress for the act.

More reports are talking about how social media websites need to impose stricter control and regulate unauthorized content with greater intensity as the magnitude of the problem seems to be huge and getting bigger with time, not to mention the increase in hateful content across the board.

Operators could soon be obliged to leak out the identity of users that are carrying out such illegal activities and are committed to carrying out infringements. Other details such as their email IDs could also be made public as a means to help curb this growing problem.

The recent decision that was announced on Thursday spoke in detail about a case where a particular lawsuit had been filed by one music producer against an artist for uploading videos and audio that didn’t belong to him. In other words, the latter did not own the right to use the content but it was still seen on YouTube.

This was despite the fact that the lawyer for the producer had sent out documents to the platform for its removal. Hence, seeing YouTube display such behavior has really opened up so many eyes in regards to how careless the app can be to such incidents.

For now, there is no final update on the decision being taken by the court of law regarding YouTube’s involvement or the punishment and that could well mean that we see the case going back to lower courts. Here is where it just might be re-examined with a new verdict arriving soon after taking the recent guidelines into consideration.

YouTube says it’s super confident in the systems that it has created from day one in regards to copyright infringements. Hence, it ensures such rights holders get their due credit and a fair share of treatment.

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