Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg Steps Down After More Than A Decade Of Service As The Company’s Chief Operating Officer

Meta’s COO Sheryl Sandberg has reportedly stepped down from her leading position after more than 10 years of service.

The news was announced today by Sheryl herself via a post on Facebook. She is known to have joined the organization in the year 2008 and after 14 years, it’s startling for many to see her call it quits.

Sandberg reportedly drove the organization through some of the toughest testing times including periods of great uncertainty as well as those where growth was peaking and taking place in an explosive manner.

But despite the rocky path, she still managed to serve a great impact on the firm and helped Meta turn into one of the world’s most valuable organizations worldwide.

As far as her new replacement is concerned, Javier Olivan will enter into the leading role as soon as she departs as reported by the company through a recent post by CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

He will reportedly be leading the company in terms of its marketing and business products. Other common tasks being outlined include an overview of teams that have been aligned to take care of analytics, ads, development, growth of the organization, and its overall work, so as to ensure integrity.

Meta’s CEO has also mentioned how Olivian role will be vastly different from that seen by Sheryl and that just goes to show how much power and authority she had over the years in the organization.

The role is being classified as a more traditional one with more focus on operations, considering his strong track record and hence Zuckerberg hopes he can build on that for more efficient execution.

In the same way, the Meta CEO went into detail about how he felt the time had come to integrate things in Meta instead of focusing on separate compartments. Therefore, while the previous COO may have been outsized, the new leader will considerably have less control of the different decisions for the firm, and that gives Zuckerberg more authority as a whole.

In the sentimental post issued by Zuckerberg on Sandberg’s resignation, he shed light on how hard she worked into shaping the organization and her relentless efforts could never be forgotten.

While the duo barely knew each other at first, their working relationship further evolved into a strong one. Together, they built Facebook from scratch as a small-scale firm that would soon become one of the world’s most profitable organizations.

Before stepping foot in Meta, Sandberg was known for her integral role in Hillary Clinton’s cabinet. There, she worked as a renowned secretory that was in charge of the treasury division and as you can imagine, she was a force to be reckoned with. However, when Donald Trump came into power, she soon realized that her plans would go down the drain and she needed to think fast and apply elsewhere.

Throughout her tenure, she faced plenty of criticism for making claims that went as far as revealing how all the events that took place on January 6 were due to the fact that platforms didn’t have control to stop hate from being directed across the spectrum.

The real fact of the matter was that Facebook played a central role in the ‘Stop the Steal’ endeavor and that was right after the elections occurred.

With time, the PR blunders grew and there are a number of them accredited under her name. And the most notable and recent one was related to her altering the way in which her ex’s press coverage took center stage. And in addition to that, a report by the Wall Street Journal spoke in detail about how she would now be scrutinized internally by Meta.

And in the end, we saw a strained relationship between Sandberg and Zuckerberg as political tensions increased in the company. Whether or not that is what led to her exit from the firm in the end, no one knows but it may have been one of the leading possibilities that she decided to call it quits after working for more than 10 years.

Remember, Sandberg did shed light on her long and memorable relationship with Zuckerberg in her departing post, adding how she will still be in contact with the firm’s board.

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