Pinterest Takes Major Step Towards Product Discovery By Acquiring AI-Powered Shopping Platform ‘THE YES’

Pinterest is showing the world that it’s very interested in transforming itself into a leading hub when it comes down to product discovery.

The news comes as it acquires the world-famous AI-driven platform for shopping called ‘THE YES’.

For those who may not be aware, this particular app does wonders in terms of learning a user’s likes and dislikes and hence can serve as an authentic tool that gives plenty of information in terms of personalized matches for all the users on the app.

This platform came into being nearly 4 years ago and with the help of quizzes and some direct information through users, it can modify listings for various items that are aligned with any user’s personal choices.

As you can probably tell, this is in accordance with the process of giving simple answers like yes or no in regard to various images of goods or perhaps a user’s preference of a certain brand. And at the end of it all, information is collected to enhance automated searches through the help of all the users’ activities.

Pinterest says it can well make use of the AI-powered tool to better its performance by gauging a user’s personal preference for various aspects like food, clothing, shopping, home decor, beauty, and more. And with the app’s great experience, it’s certainly going to be a worthwhile investment for Pinterest in the long term- a project that caters well to its requirements.

This interesting deal is going to give Pinterest an upper hand for sure in terms of enhancing its already present search tools while making direct engagements with different brands to create better listings.

THE YES CEO will also be joining the app as a part of the new acquisition deal and hence will have the responsibility of improving the app’s vision as well as its strategy for success while overviewing the system and making reports to the app’s CEO Ben Silbermann.

In case you didn’t know, enhanced searches for different products are a pivotal element of Pinterest’s success and that’s why the app has been trying to improve this aspect for a while. Whether or not the new takeover could assist in boosting the company’s revenue- only time can tell. But for now, we’ve got our fingers crossed.

The deal will reportedly be finalized by the end of this month, the company confirmed.

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