WhatsApp is about to launch a new update that allows users to view status in chats

Five years back, WhatsApp introduced a much-needed feature that enabled users to upload status in text, videos, and picture format. This was much appreciated by the users as it engages them more with their friends and contacts. Now, recently it has been revealed that WhatsApp is soon going to roll out an update that will allow the users to use this feature in the best possible way.

As per WABetainfo, a new Status viewing feature is coming in the future that enables users to view the contact’s status within their chats. Also, it will show the status when the people seek the username of their contacts for initiating a talk or having a chat with them. This is a similar feature to Instagram. As in Instagram stories, one can view the story of profile contacts in the private chats list. Let’s dig into how this feature might work. To see one’s status on WhatsApp, usually, we’ve to tap on the Status option, and then the status is shown to us for the next 24 hours or until the person hasn’t deleted it. But when this new update will come into action it will allow users to just click on the contact’s profile picture and if they have uploaded a status at that time, it can be viewed upon tapping on the contact’s display pic.

In addition to it, WhatsApp is also working on a handful of a variety of amazing updates, for instance, a new Community feature, group polls, second phone linking, and chats and stories reaction features. As of now, there is a REPLY option that is displayed when you see someone’s status but, when the Status tab will be modified, it will showcase a total of eight emojis, including sad, heart, laugh, and thumbs up, and other reactions. And you can instantly give a reply to one’s status by tapping on any one of your favorite emojis.

WhatsApp’s new feature will be received positively as it’s a great feature for engaging in stories and statuses of your close friends and relatives. Using this feature, you will be notified about people’s status and stories as you’re chatting with them. This feature will also be available on the WhatsApp desktop according to speculation however there has not been a confirmed release date as yet.

This update is yet to be released but WABetaInfo has speculated that it will be soon launched on Android and iOs devices. After that, the beta version might also be released on the desktop version, and we’ll notify you if that happens.

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