WhatsApp Hints At Creating New Plan For Business Accounts That Supports Multiple Devices

WhatsApp is at it again and this time around, the app is hinting at a new subscription plan for business accounts that will likely entail a number of other benefits.

Let’s take a moment out and look at the facts. It’s only been recently observed how the platform has gained popularity for providing great support across a number of devices. And let’s be honest, this is something that was long-awaited, considering how Telegram has had it for years.

While users could still use a single account to chat across numerous devices, everything was always wound up around your smartphone as the main point of contact.

Users are so grateful because WhatsApp has finally come around to changing that. And that means saying hello to untethering other devices that you were logged in with. Moreover, it allowed you to gain further access to the app, in cases when your phone battery was no longer working or in situations where you may have lost signal.

At the moment, users are limited to four devices that can be linked to this new change. However, if you’re really patient, WhatsApp just might be rolling out a new update that permits more than just that.

A recent report by WBI highlights in detail how it could potentially pave the way for enhanced support for nearly 10 devices that are linked through a single account. Yes, you heard that right- it’s more than double the current offering.

The perks are plenty, of which the most crucial one entails giving more people within a certain firm to make use of similar contact points so they can communicate effectively with their clients.

It is still very much possible to find the new subscription adding some more welcoming extras that go above and beyond the limit for 10 devices. But at the moment, we are yet to see any indication of that.

At the moment, the WhatsApp business accounts for both Android and iOS users fail to show any public sign and that means you just might need to hang in there as it could come with another update in the future.

There is still no news or proof about the Business account on WhatsApp being paywalled, despite the subscription landing with a bang. Remember, WhatsApp is still very much free and we all hope it says that way forever. But you could imagine the plan similar to Twitter Blue which is an exclusive offering given to subscribers to take advantage of exclusive perks while having the free application by your side.

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