Much Anticipated Emoji Reactions And Community Features Have Finally Been Confirmed For WhatsApp

WhatsApp has finally answered the prayers of so many of its anxiously awaiting users who can’t help but control their excitement on the list of new features that will soon be available.

While it may have been a while since we last updated you all on how the platform planned to work on these endeavors, the news has officially been confirmed by Whatsapp.

A recent blog post highlighted the company’s attempts to get both of these popular features rolled out as soon as possible. Moreover, they also provided updates on other exciting updates that had many anxious.

With the new Communities feature, the company says it hopes to bring so many together under one roof, using one relatable structure.

This way, the app hopes users would now be liable for getting updates that are directed to the community while organizing impactful discussions on important matters.

Similarly, WhatsApp hopes Communities will entail powerful tools for the administration that could include announcement texts while they try to establish control over the types of groups eligible for inclusion. Let’s take a look at them in detail below.

Whatsapp announced how it plans to see a revamp in Groups that may or may not be included in the community. And that means users could now benefit from audio calls entailing 32 people, 2GB of media file sharing, and message deletion by the admin.

With the new Admin Delete option, group admins could benefit from deleting problematic messages from all members’ chats.

The latest 2GB media file allowance allows so many people to share large files so that collaborating on projects becomes so much easier.
To help promote talking live as an enhanced alternative to chatting, the company says they’re introducing larger voice calls that could include up to 32 different users.

Next up, WhatsApp confirmed how Emoji reactions, very similar to Instagram, could soon be found on the app. In this way, it hopes users can share opinions without having to worry about filling up others’ chats with so many messages.

WhatsApp highlighted through a recent statement by the CEO that the reactions would initially be rolled out with just six emojis. But with time, users would soon be able to benefit from many others. Hence, it wouldn’t be too long to see a change that’s very similar to that offered by Instagram.

For now, there’s no specific timeline provided by the app as to when these changes could be made available. But one thing is for sure, the wait is guaranteed to be worthwhile.

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