WhatsApp Tests Group Polls In Its New Update For Desktop Users

Suppose you are planning a get together with your friends or maybe a night out with your colleagues. Each one of you is constantly sending in a text, one after another, on the messaging platform WhatsApp. Everyone lists their choices, but it's hard to keep track of it given the influx of messages. You are left with no option but to scroll back and go through each message individually, tallying responses and spending a whole lot of time doing something that could have easily been prevented with a poll feature. The massive platform WhatsApp may have just heard your cries and is reportedly introducing a Group polls feature to overcome this very problem. The voting feature being introduced is very similar to the feature that is currently present and in use on the texting platform Messenger.

The update, for now, is being rolled out for the desktop version of WhatsApp and is only available through its official beta channel. Even though the update is still in its testing phase, there are high hopes that the platform will be rolling it out officially to everyone. Even though the update is only available via the beta channel, the WhatsApp version has already gone up and is now at, as per WBI.

Reportedly, the feature will be rolled out to mobile users too once it passes the initial testing stage. Diving more into the feature, Whatsapp allows you the option to create a group poll and give it to your group members. The group poll window enables a bunch of options to customize it. You can edit the question, and group members can choose from up to twelve possibilities that the group poll creator edits. You are required to fill in at least two options before the poll can be sent to the group.

Staying true to the platform's motive, the group polls are also end-to-end encrypted and cannot be seen by any third party unless authorized from within the app. Even WhatsApp is not allowing itself to read what the group poll is about and its responses. How do group polls make an exciting addition to our day to day use? As explained before, it can be an excellent way for a large group of people to vote on a particular option. It is more productive and more straightforward. It is still unsure whether the platform will allow anonymous voting.

So far, the only reports that have come about are that the update is still being worked on, and it will be long before it passes through its initial testing stages. The feature is under development makes it uncertain if and when the particular update will be released. Many are excitedly waiting for the new addition. They are certainly looking forward to an official timeline for the latest update!

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