Instagram is cooking another huge surprise for its users

Talking about big updates and features Instagram has been on a run of giving cute surprises to its users. Some days before, the Meta-owned social network gave a surprise package. The package included two new great features. Using these features users can share their Instagram posts to Facebook as available to public post before this, Users can only share their Instagram posts with Facebook friends and the second feature was about video and GenZ was in love with that feature. In the second feature, you can turn any normal video into a boomerang video.

According to Alessandro Paluzzi (who is a mobile developer, and reverse engineer). Instagram with the start of 2022 is coming up with another tremendous feature for its users. That is "screen sharing on video calls" although it's not launched yet, Instagram is working on this but as this feature was leaked, it's been catching people's attention.

When you use this feature, your mobile camera will automatically turn off, and the people you were video calling with, will start seeing what's on your mobile screen. But you have to let the start sharing option on.

It's a great choice when you want to show something live from your phone to your video caller, it can be a funny meme, a video song, or even if you want to watch a cool romantic film together with your loved one but you both are far away, this feature could be the best and suitable choice for you this feature can be an alternative of feeling the part away from your Dear one.

Although the set date of this feature is not announced yet, people are anxiously waiting for this update. The big tech giant has always shown its sincerity towards its users with hard work on new and enjoyable features.

At the start of 2022, we hope that, just like the previous year, the big giant comes with modern and handy features for its users in the new year too.

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