Warning! Bugs in navigation apps can be injurious to health and safety

A few years ago when people wanted to go somewhere where they hadn’t gone before, they used to take directions from bystanders so that they could arrive at their destination. It used to be a really hectic journey as sometimes people would get lost or sometimes someone would guide them into the wrong direction. And that was really annoying.

But since the “Tech Era” has begun, there have been more and more advancements in different aspects of life. The most beneficial one was the introduction of Google Maps which has made traveling easier and simpler. You can now go anywhere in the world with the help of these maps. Even if your destination is in another city, it will guide you there with the shortest route available.

But as we all know that technical tools can sometimes become a victim of the one thing that can make them malfunction, “Bugs”. This happens sometimes when new patches and updates come out and well until these bugs are fixed, they keep on making things worse for its users.

A similar situation has been seen by the users of Google Maps, as reported in a Twitter thread. Some users have come across a bug that is sending them through the routes that are somewhat “life threatening” as it is stated by many users.

According to a tweet by Dr. Crystal A. Kolden, Google Maps was showing people a route which was potentially dangerous at this time of the year because of the weather conditions around California and Sacramento. There had been a horrible blizzard in that area but the Google-owned navigation app was still showing that route as the best possible way without any indications of that hazard.

This doesn’t happen a lot but these bugs sometimes pass through the codes and somehow make it through to the update. But as soon as these bugs are reported, the companies and developers get started on the new update with fixes and patches that would replace that bug.

The National Weather Service has reported that the amount of snow that was recorded in that area was around 5 to 9 feet, and with no signs of improvement whatsoever. We should be thankful that no incident happened because of that failure because if people did not know about the blizzard, they would’ve just taken that route and god knows what would’ve happened to them.

Another user tweeted about the app not working properly and hence in situations like these, it is a good idea to be careful and make us of multiple resources or apps rather than just solely relying on one app. Sometimes with bugs like these, you can get lost even get injured so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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