Instagram is testing two new features, turning any video into a boomerang and the ability to change the audience of posts shared to Facebook

Instagram is one of the leading tech giants in the world. Not only the tech firm has evolved and risen to the top of the chain in terms of app since its launch but it has become a user friendly app over the years. However, this success wasn’t a one-night game and it took the tech giant years of hard work and a number of amazing features which they launched to gather the respect and following they have today.

Recently the tech firm was spotted testing two amazing features which definitely will be game changer for all of us and the public will love it very much as well.

The first feature, as per Alessandro Paluzzi, they will be launching is the ability to change the audience of your Instagram posts shared to Facebook. Prior to this feature, all your Instagram posts could be shared with only one privacy aspect and that was with your Facebook friends only. However, that is about to change soon.

Instagram will soon allow users to share their Instagram posts to Facebook with three privacy settings. It can now be shared to Facebook, with friends, with the public (which means none Facebook friends) and only restricted to yourself on your profile.

This will give users a broader way on whom they want to share their posts on Facebook.

Moreover, the second feature is not in terms of privacy like the first one, but something related to the videos you make on the app.

Instagram has a famous boomerang option which allows you two create a short 5 second video that repeats the action you did in the first two seconds. However, while previously the boomerangs could only be made by the respective option directly, it is changing now. Instagram will allow users to change boomerang like videos by editing any normal video.

So if you upload a short video and enable the option the app will turn it into a boomerang.

This seems like a really cool feature and something the public will enjoy.

However, while the features have been just spotted no set date is known for their launch.

The tech giant has worked hard over the years and has come up with some amazing features. It not only is delivering its best currently but is thriving for more too. We know for sure that the coming year will bring some amazing features which will be loved by the public too.

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