These Were The Most Downloaded Travel Apps Of 2021

Travel apps have become a necessity for people. If you want to go somewhere, you just look it up on your phone and just follow the directions that are provided to you, which has made traveling a lot easier than it used to be.

Before Google Maps, people used to travel with the help of GPS which used to guide them to their destinations but now there are many apps which can perform the task which would show you the best way to reach your destination.

According to an analysis done by Apptopia, there were many traveling apps that were fighting to be crowned the “King Of Travel” for the year 2021. Almost half of the apps that were in the top 10 list were rideshare apps, such as Uber, Lyft, Bolt etc. DiDi and Bolt are a new addition to this family as the numbers of Ride share apps in the top 10 list have risen from 3 to 5. Both of these apps have grown a lot in the last year with them expanding internationally.

Another surprise entry to the list was India’s “Where’s My Train” App because it placed 9th globally while operating only in India. The app was used to check if the trains were on time and where their locations were.

Most of the apps made their presence felt in the OTA category (Online Travel Agency). Last year, we say that most of the business was down all because of Covid and the restrictions that were placed in every country, but since the vaccines have come out, people have started to travel again increasing the number of downloads and purchasing or making reservations online. was seen to be topping the list worldwide, with Airbnb right behind them followed by a surprising entry at 3rd by hopper. A few apps that were present in the list last year but just were not able to make the cut include TripAdvisor and SkyScanner. They rested at 7th and 9th in 2020 but not in 2021.

Hopper was seen to be the app that was growing rapidly in the US, with an almost 183% rise in the number of downloads. Considering the fact that the app was not in the global rankings last year, is now at 3rd.

When asked, Dakota Smith, who is the CSO of Hopper that what made their app to become the highest grossing app in the US? He said that “since the moment they introduced the Fintech products, their sales and revenue started to shoot up. With people worried about the travel restrictions and the pandemic, they want their money and experience to be protected and that’s what we’re providing them”.

We see many other apps up on the list and there is no doubt that all of them have the potential to go on and become the highest downloaded app in 2022. It’s just about how they approach their market and how they grab on opportunities that are presented to them.
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