Instagram to up its ecommerce game with these new features

While online shopping was a thing pre Covid too, the occurrence of the pandemic brought about massive turns in its importance. With the world locking down, people switched to online means to buy and sell whether it was groceries or shopping for clothes or other stuff.

Social networks also realized the importance of ecommerce with the advancing times and many of them introduced features on their platforms where users could buy and sell directly through the app.

Hence, Instagram came up with its own Shop version which holds a variety of items and various categories of things to look through. While ‘Shops’ was a pretty good feature itself, the tech fir for the last two months of this going year have brought some great deals for its users which will make shopping this holiday season even more fun.

The last two months of the year are full of festivities all throughout the world and Instagram decided to make it more amazing with its latest updates. Instagram will be hosting various online shopping based events where they will incorporate all they have for users to buy.

This is not all, weekly live stream sessions will also be held and some great discounts will make your way as well. This is not all, the tech firm has given the Black community a full chance to be represented. In a world, where recently severe cases of racism were emerging against black people, Instagram from November 5th onwards, will be hosting a #BuyBlack Live Shopping where black creators will be able to display and represent their brands.

A weekly Guest edit video will also be put up where famous influencers will be reviewing brands and their products and giving their first hand opinions. It has been fact checked by surveys that users actually tend to buy more products when it has been suggested by an online influencer because they feel a sense of connectivity and authenticity to them.
Gift guides option will also be available which will give users give ideas under many price ranges and users can buy off whatever they find suitable in the amount they want to gift during the holidays.

In short, the initiative is great. With holidays coming near and some people still feeling uneasy to roam around in crowded public spaces, this will be a great opportunity to buy gifts and things for their loved one and celebrate with the same zeal.

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