Instagram Launched A New 'Add Yours' Sticker To Its Interface, Bringing In An Entirely New Dynamic To Interaction On The Platform

Instagram's latest Add Yours Sticker Allows users to interact with each other by creating threads of stories, all sharing an overarching theme.

With over a billion monthly active users, Instagram continues to be one of the leading social media applications out there, second only to Facebook. The continuous stream of brand-new features and quirky updates that keep coming our way ensure that the application remains just as addictive. There goes another hour of the day, down the void of scrolling and exploring.

After the introduction of Reels and the auto-captions sticker for stories, creators and users around the world now have access to the ‘add yours’ feature on their Instagram Story. A noteworthy characteristic that makes these developments all the more attractive is their user-friendly nature. In other words, one does not need to be techno savvy to get the hang of it all.

If, much like myself, this is the first time you are reading about this latest addition to your favorite application, then let us walk you through the basics. The "Add Yours" sticker allows you to create a thread on your Instagram stories based on a singular theme or prompt, such as a sunset you caught, or memes that live in your head rent free. Your followers can then help build the thread by clicking on the prompt sticker on your story and posting a relevant story of their own. Conveniently, all the stories added to a prompt can be viewed in a single place by clicking on the sticker. You may access this feature through the Stickers tab on your Instagram Story. Not only this but the sticker comes with some preexisting prompts as well, like: Throwbacks, Pets being weird, Views and the list goes on.

The possibilities that arise due to this new upgrade are endless. Brands and creators now have another feature to employ for the promotion of their products. This interactive sticker might also play a pivotal role in increasing the engagement and reach for Instagram based businesses and influencers. As for the rest of us Instagram enthusiasts, the Add Yours sticker has presented us with the perfect opportunity to flaunt pictures that did not make it to the feed. Yes, now is the time to scroll all the way to the bottom of your galleries.

All this talk about new and zany Instagram upgrades seems lacking without the mention of the "Link" sticker that was also recently made available to all those using the application. Previously, one had to gain a whopping number of 10,000 followers to be able add clickable links to their stories. This sticker is also found in the Stickers tab on your Instagram Story.

Another new development worth mentioning is the addition of the ‘Recently Deleted’ folder to the settings menu. Settings -> Accounts -> Recently Deleted is how you find it. If you are unsure about that picture or have a record of accidentally deleting posts then this one is a godsend.

During the past eleven years all the numerous developments and upgrades that Instagram has undergone have contributed to raising the applications appeal. Hopefully, the ‘add yours’ sticker marks the beginning of more amazing features to come. Who is to say, soon we may no longer have to fret over ruined picture quality, yes?

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