Pinterest steps up their game and introduces a live shopping feature which will offer reviews and great discounts

Pinterest for so long has been an aesthetically pleasing application, where people go to get inspired and bring out their creative side. However, the tech giant felt out dated with only throwing inspirations for so long and decided that when it gives people access and ideas to such great content, material and products, why not it starts selling those things through its app to.

Hence, the emergence of a new feature made its way to Pinterest TV. Pinterest has declared that from November 8th, a live shopping feature will be making its way through the app. The new feature will show videos from creators covering content criteria’s like food, DIY, home, fashion, beauty etc. The videos will be featured live and then will be saved for users to access later in time.

The Pinterest creators and other very well-known people will be hosting the videos, showing and testing products, giving DIYs tips and other several actions which will be helpful for the users and from which they can benefit. The videos will be making their way from November 8th and new videos will be air all throughout the week from Monday to Friday on Pinterest TV.

The main idea behind this new introduction is to give viewers an opportunity to buy and learn things they see on Pinterest directly off it, and also give creators a chance to improve and show their skills on the app. It will also provide a way for them to earn a good revenue.

While the videos will be made available throughout the week, there is some great news for users. Every Friday, a live shopping sale will be held where users will be offered some great discounts from brands which are offering their products in collaboration with Pinterest for this new feature. These brands include some big names.

Some well-known names which will also be hosting this new live shows. Among the shows, while some people will be showing DIY tricks, cooking techniques, a number of creator will be hosting a show in which they will display the products, review them and leave links from where users can buy it.

The best part is that Pinterest is not leaving its creators on their own. The platform has created an online virtual studio, where producers and creators will get together and discuss how they can make their content and shows more appealing and up to the public demand.

Pinterest has realized that the technology is evolving pretty fast and that they need to keep up in order to stay in the game. There recent new updates are a proof of it.

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