Facebook says it can multitask to maintain privacy and security on its currently owned platform while focusing on Metaverse as well

Facebook a few months ago announced that they tech firm is planning on introducing a virtual shared space called 'Metaverse' where users will be able to create avatars and hang out with the avatar of their friends while doing real life activities like shopping, dinners etc. However, while the Metaverse itself will take time to out together obviously, the company last week changed its name to 'Meta.'

What needs to be addressed is that Facebook application name will remain the same and the broader name of Facebook company has been changed.

Coming back to Metaverse, the tech firm head of global affairs, Nick Clegg addressed that the company is highly optimistic about this new creation and believe that it will change the outlook of technology and how we socialize online in the present day. While Clegg did mention that the Metaverse is still a farfetched plan and it will take the company up to almost fifteen years to actually settle its base and launch it, the executives are pretty excited.

However, while then launch and formation date has been stretched to fifteen years, according to Clegg the company will be working towards the privacy and security they can offer users within Metaverse.

Facebook has recently been called out a lot on issues related to its privacy when former employee Frances Haugen came forward with a bunch of proofs of Facebook putting their profit over user privacy. Frances on this called out the tech giant to focus on the privacy of applications they are currently running rather than diverting their attention to a new added platform on the list.

Facebook in response to this replied that this is not an either/ or choice where the tech giant will be made to choose to focus on one aspect, it is a multinational firm and it will multitask through all its features.

While Facebook is trying to improve its security on all its currently owner application, the tech giant believes that with the help of academics, lawmakers, regulators etc. the company can bring Metaverse to life and take socializing on a higher pedestal.

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