UK Released A New Online Safety Bill That Impose Jail Time For Users That Troll

Over the years, there have been numerous trolls and difficulties that the users have been subjected to causing defining problems over the internet leading to depression, problems, and a lot of other psychological difficulties. In order for the users to have a safe and secure community on the internet that is now more than a widely used facility but seems like a necessity, the United Kingdom Government cracking down on this problem released a new online bill that can result in users involved in hate crime and trolling to be jailed for a period of time depending on the severity of the troll attacks and the damage caused to the users, emotionally and mentally.

This new bill is under the procedure for the users to have fewer problems by its virtue. The first to crack down would be starting off by making a few categories of posts being made illegal and acting on that by utilizing the tracking Artificial Intelligence and the reports received manually.

The Online Safety Bill initiated by the UK Government acts over for threatening and false communication that includes any and all posts with the intent to or being the cause of emotional damage, physiological harm, and physical injury. The punishment of the crime would be based on the problems faced by the person on the other side of the troll acting swiftly over. With everything being digital, the proof would be present and can even be figured if the troller removes their original comments by accessing the directory of the social media website or the caches of the website that the attack was being done at.

The approach towards the new Online Bill is indicative of the fact that the digital age is being refracted on and was furthered by a government spokesperson claiming the fact that there is going to be more and improved functioning of securing the digital landscape. This can be furthered by a pointer that all the tech companies and organizations will now be held responsible if there is a lack of law and commissions from the company themselves. This would further call for the users to be more secure and careful of what surrounds on the internet for just the next month as according to parliament, the bill is due to be introduced in the next month and would change the course of the UK’s digital landscape.

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