Facebook collaborates with IFCN in order to make more efforts in misinformation removal from its platform

Facebook while is the leading social media giant with over 2.9 billion monthly active users, the tech firm had been accused a lot recently for its misconducts. While it is not new for Facebook to be in courts and surrounded by allegations, considering it is the leading social network. However, this blow came from some very close. Facebook was accused of putting profit over security of users and while the company’s investors aren’t really concerned about the current allegations, the media and lawmakers are pretty invested in this.

These allegations came forward after two of the company's former employees separately came out with statements where they said that Facebook puts the profits it will make over any decision of security and privacy and hence it is why the platform is the source of so much false spread on the internet.

Facebook changed its company name to Meta last week and many believe it is to start fresh.

Speaking of fresh, the company while has denied these allegations and claimed them to be mischaracterization, it sure is taking some drastic measures in security now.

Facebook announced that it has partnered up with Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking (IFCN), in order to keep check on authentic and unauthentic facts on its application. The tech firm has allotted $450000 in this new initiative and six members from IFCN will be working for the 30 organizations in META.

When Facebook was accused many people stated that the tech firm was actually responsible to share political related content and drive anger and aggression through the posts. However, Facebook denied this and stated that it does not deliberately bring posts up on people's feed and the content they receive is of what they usually interact with. Apart from where the political or misinformation related posts are concerned Facebook has tried to the best of abilities to remove such content.

However, many say that the data Facebook presents of its content removal works is not accurate.

What is true and what is not remains a mystery, however what we can focus on though is the fact that Facebook is genuinely taking steps and making efforts in order to improve the privacy, security and content that circulates on its application.

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