Mark Zuckerberg should abdicate his charge as CEO amid the firm's Meta-problem, argues Facebook's whistleblower

Former Facebook employee and whistleblower, Frances Haugen, on Monday, during an interview at the Web Summit 2021, contended that Meta's, Mark Zuckerberg, should give up this charge as CEO of the firm, otherwise the platform won't progress.

Zuckerberg last week announced the company's brand name as Meta, at Connect 2021, as a social technology firm now onwards.

The company in a press release acknowledged that metaverse will centralize all their apps and technologies underneath one modern and fresh tag. Now, the tech firm's stress will be to assist people to get engaged and discover communities, and evolve businesses by inducing the metaverse to daily life.

She reckons it is uncertain that the firm will evolve if Zuckerberg continues to supervise it, Haugen commented in conversation at the tech summit.

Haugen strives that Zuckerberg can behold that he can do something else decent, or perhaps it's the time for somebody else to seize the opportunity to steer.

Facebook's leaked papers have been a hot topic recently and receiving backlash globally for their outrageous wrongdoings, and safety ignorance.

These social media expansions and creations are a threat to users' data safety as they put revenue over ethical obligations, Haugen further notified lawmakers.

In conversation with CNBC, Haugen uttered that Facebook would be substantial if it stresses its safety and security.
The directors of maximum big public limit firms are obliged to their shareowners, as they have the authority to vote to chuck out the director if he opposes the strategy modeled by them to carry out the firm's affairs.

However, there is no possibility of doing this as Zuckerberg, similar to other tech-cofounders, possesses fifty-four percent of the voting shares in FB Inc.

Haugen further criticized Facebook for rebranding itself to Meta, toiling actively for metaverse products, letting out that the Facebook papers submitted by her ascertained that initially, they should concentrate on rectifying matters of its forum. It is startling that Facebook prioritized advancement in unfamiliar rooms rather than overcoming its current lackings.

According to The Guardian, Haugen speculated that there is a Meta-problem at the company, inferring not to the fresh name, but a dilemma, she pertained as the company, again and again, decides on entering the unfamiliar regions rather than improving the previous one's.

Yet, Zuckerberg has negated that rebranding has anything to do with the firm's current controversy. He said it is ridiculous if one considers this renaming has been performed to simply avoid current controversies.

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