Facebook yet again in hot water as another former whistleblower spews allegations against the social media giant

Facebook is the leading tech giant when it comes to the social world. The company is catering over 2.9 billion monthly active users, and when you this high up on the ladder, allegations and accusations are made up to pull you down.

While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, Facebook is being targeted of one allegation after the next and once again a former Facebook employee has come in the form of a Whistleblower with a bunch of accusations against the leading tech force.

According to an anonymous former member of the Facebook integrity team, the tech giant weighs out business before it makes any decision. It makes sure, that the decision it is taking if profiting the company rather than if it is the right thing to do, especially when it comes to fighting hate speech and misinformation on the platform.

Incidence has been seen on many occasions, where a number of accounts on both Facebook and Instagram were blocked to on raising their voices on the oppression on Palestine imposed by Gaza. The report by the anonymous leaker was submitted to Washington Post and upon receiving copies of the affidavit many news sources have revealed that he reporter has stated, that the company doesn’t take heed of a lot of noises being made outside. According to him, something will erupt, noise will be made for two weeks and then people forget while Facebook continues to make money sitting in its basement. He gave an example the former Facebook communications official in 2016 presidential elections dismissed concerns about interference by Russia, assisted unwittingly by Facebook.

He also stated that there were differences in what statements the company makes to the public and what they decide internally.

However, when Facebook got hold of the news, they denied any such matters. The company stated that making up accusations against such a huge company are relatively easy, but they should not be believed coming from a single thread source who did not even reveal its identity. Facebook stated that yes it does make profit however the company is not heartless enough to make it out of the expense of its user’s safety and well-being.

Many however believe that the accusations put in by Francs Hughes, another former employee and this anonymous being stand almost along the same line, and while Frances came up with proofs, we do not know what to believe until the matter is resolved by the higher officials.

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