Facebook Intends To Lower The News Feed Political Buzz In 75 New Regions

Facebook has faced the hammer of the law all too many times in the past few years giving into one of the most strict cases of all time. The most recent one is Facebook VS Frances Hugen that focuses on Facebook cheating the board of directors there. However, the previous case against election rigging and acting on Far right legal activists is what caused trouble for them in the first place.

In order to act on it and eliminate this threat for further cases in the future, Facebook was quick and hot in heels to crack down on it and started working on this with full stead back in August. Facebook updated their newsroom page and indicated that the feature to allow for less political news feeds has been activated in up to 75 countries in recent times after featuring success in the United States calling to implement testing on a grander scale for complete featuring of the activity and curbing down the problem.

To allow for effective crackdown on the problem, just a few percent of people in over 80 countries have been introduced to the new newsfeed to cater and over look their opinions and posts. Furthermore, to avoid any cases during the process, any country with impending elections or political uncertainty was left out of the process such that the trouble does not stem as an action of the updated news feed.

The plans to do so had been in consideration from January as was highlighted by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, in order to implement the complete enjoyment and interaction of the platform without having to worry about the political situation and stepping out of the realms and reigns into a country’s political matters as the institution of Facebook is independent and ramifies only for the need of its users and what’s better for the world in general.

The release in January for such intentions was backtracked to the accusation levied against Facebook over the fact that it heats up the platform with political discussion for more and engaged users across the time increasing their revenue. However, the recent update on the blog clarifying that there were no such intentions followed suit with more transparency on the results that are received by the company over these tests, might show intentions for Facebook moving in the right direction of Political negligibility on social media platforms that can influence users, elections and other results of the general population by making the changes that are needed as a result of the final reports of the tests.

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