Facebook’s new policy will make the platform much safer for celebrities that are often harassed

Being a famed celebrity with a vast fan following, having endless popularity and always being the center of attention, this is what many dream of, right? Well with benefits it has downsides, with the most major one being constant judgment and harassment by haters. A lot of this harassment against celebrities takes place on different social media platforms. However now to put an end to it, the social media Industry giant has stood up and is working against any such content on its platforms.

Facebook on Wednesday announced the release of its new privacy policies, the privacy policy changes mostly included changes in the ways Facebook deals with sexualizing content and harassment on its platform.

Facebook said that with the new policy coming in, it will start removing any person, community or page that is found posting content that directly or indirectly is found to be sexualizing towards famed personalities such as celebrities and influencers. This surely is a great step by the platform. Facebook making these positive changes will now make many celebrities feel safer on the platform.

Social media giant further clarified the new policy in a recent blog post. They said that now any content that is found to be degrading body parts and functions will be considered as an offence under the new policy changes. This also includes content like Photoshop edits and drawings that are sexualizing a person.

With cyber harassment against celebrities also continuously increasing, Facebook said that the new policy would make sure to remove any person or content that repetitively harasses any famed person or celebrity.

This policy is sure to make the app a place that stands tough for sexual harassment against any person moreover this will also make Facebook quite safe for celebs that usually are scared of posting freely on social media sites. This is also a great step towards humanizing celebrities and making people think that the celebrities around us are also normal people like you and me.

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