Facebook plans on creating separate groups in its workplace message boards to avoid any further leaks of internal matters

Facebook for the longest time has faced one allegation to the other and court calls are a common occurrence for the tech giant by now. However, when you are leading the social media world with a bunch of your own main and several other acquired applications, all these above mentioned things follow.

A lot of times Facebook has experienced leaked documents and some former employees backlashing on the social media giant.

A few weeks back, one of Facebook's ex-employee came forward and appealed a case in the court of UK against some habits Facebook had picked up which showed that it cared more about the revenue it made rather than the security and safety of its users. While Facebook though was able to clear of the misunderstandings, it current actions make it look like that the tech giant has had enough and hence it is taking actions now.

Facebook has decided to create separate groups on its workplace message boards in order to make sure that the information and businesses going on the platform remains confidential and has lesser chances of leaking out.

According to Facebook, the vast amounts of leaks and allegations not only puts a great number of burden on the tech giant it also reduces the efficiency, effectivity and the morale of the team at Facebook to work and hence the tech giant has taken an initiative to reduce the leak as much as they can.
Apart from this, leaks can also put the workers on the team who are working on sensitive subjects under the spotlight despite their will and hence through this new feature the tech giant wants to protect its workers as well.

However, the tech giant hasn't mentioned a lot of about this new grouping method and hence we can't say much too.

What we know for sure is that while the tech giant claims for this initiative to be in process since months, it definitely was hurried when Facebook's ex-employee Frances Hughes put forward a lot of older and current aspects of the tech giant in front of the world.

While there might be somethings at Facebook which dis regulates the priorities of the world, the tech giant is also correct on its implementation of the group policy on their workplace message boards.

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