Advertisements on Facebook are more appealing and striking compared to any other social media platforms (including Instagram, TikTok and Twitter)

A survey conducted by Statista depicts viewers pay more attention to the advertisements on Facebook, compared to other social media platforms.

According to the report published by Statista, asserting that advertisements are more striking on Facebook.

The survey result shows that advertisements are more observable and visible on Facebook, comparing it to other sites. The participants commented that ads on Facebook catch more of their attention as viewers.

The survey was based on 5000 participants aged between sixteen to sixty-four from, each country including Germany, UK, and the USA, was performed between July to August of the proceeding year.

Taking Instagram as FB's associated platform, a comparison conducted between both the social media sites resulted in a slight gap. As far as the other sites including Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest are concerned, a big gap emerged as a result.

The findings have been illustrated in the graphic representation, featured below. While discussing and analyzing the statistics they made some interesting revelations.

The performers belong to the USA, in feedback affirmed that Facebook and Instagram are the social networks that hold the most pronounced and sticking advertisements. The share rate possessed by Facebook was sixty-four and forty-one percent by Instagram.
Furthermore, hardly 8 % of part from Germany named Twitter containing considerably visible advertisement-related material. Whereas, only eighteen percent of the US participants and fifteen percent of participants from the UK think of Twitter as the best advertising place.

The justifications that can be given to these findings can be the estimated number of users for Twitter, which is seven million in Germany. This number of users is opposed by the eighteen million users from the UK and seventy-three million users from the USA.

And investors don't capitalize on the small-scale marketplace because they can not guarantee one, of the probable profits in return for advertising. So the advertisers on Twitter in the USA and UK are not taking chance on their money, as the Twitter in USA and UK have a vast advertising market.

Whereas, Perhaps the advertising on Twitter in Germany might not be as extensive as the one in the other regions.

The post further revealed that the previous project manager of Facebook, Frances Haugen commented at a conference that Facebook's ad authorization and distribution strategy are fussed containing multiple weaknesses and defects. She further stated that it is going to be tough to perceive these algorithms

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