Survey reveals Apple device adoption increases as the hybrid workforce grows

New report propose that the growth of Apple’s company would remain to continue in the enterprises. Published by Khandji, the survey shows that how the products of Apple’s company are perceived when they have hybrid workforce comparing it to fully remote or in the office.

This survey basically is about how the IT department recognize gadgets by Apple’s company, employees appeal and further more stuff. A few of the fascinating callouts are that almost 50 percent of all the IT professionals believe in the fact that the Apple gadgets are more advantageous as compared to any other kind of devices for hybrid employees.

Something which was considered more fascinating is that almost 75 percent acknowledged upon the fact that the total ownership cost of Apple products is less over the lifetime of the products.

Previous two years determine that the usage of Apple products is increased in a way that might seem unbelievable to a lot of people for example the usage percentage of Apple laptops has increased up to 63 percent, iPhone usage has increases to up to 38 percent, iPad usage has increased up to 35 percent and Apple desktop’s usage has increased up to 22 percent.

However obviously nothing remains all perfect for IT professional in hybrid workforce, remote troubleshooting still remains a very clear and obvious problem, an estimate of 61 percent face difficulty in troubleshooting problems while working with the end-users remotely. Not just this but also an estimate of 53 percent also face trouble with new computers to deploy and last but not the least an estimate of 50 percent face difficulty while ensuring the security and safety of remote work environments.

The upcoming of enterprises is clearly hybrid. The recent researches authenticate the plan that agencies which manage and secure Apple gadgets are self-assured to conquer in this new effective business, Khandji is plotted to help out admins of IT and executives to attain that result, Said by Adam Pettit the CEO of Khandji.

To get more information about how hybrid work operates the use of Apple products one can easily download the survey through Khandji’s website.
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