New Survey Reveals Teens Love Snapchat, Instagram And TikTok, While Treating Facebook And Twitter With Relative Disdain

A recent survey conducted by Piper Sandler reveals that teenagers nowadays tend to dislike Facebook and Twitter, with Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok being the most conventionally accepted social media platforms.

To slightly older individuals, such as this author, this survey really does feel like the equivalent of being called an "old man" by the children. At any rate, we had to have seen this coming. While Facebook isn't really losing a large amount of numbers, its relevancy with the children and teenagers of today is definitely dwindling. Even before Gen Z, millennials were already making jokes about how our parents, aunts, and uncles seem to own their online Facebook persona more than we ended up going. While Twitter didn't necessarily garner the same reputation, it's quite easy to see why the microblogging platform fell short of the sort of engagement that Instagram and TikTok can provide.

The biannual survey, labelled Taking Stock With Teens, took a sample population of 10,000 US teenagers. Their average age was 15.8 years, across 44 US states, with 38% of them being part time employed. 51% of the population was male, 47% female, and 2% identified as being nonbinary. Immediately, certain trends come to mind that indicate why Facebook and Twitter aren't as popular. Even with a small 2% population, the nonbinary community doesn't exactly receive the most amount of mutual respect on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, both of these applications are infamous for harboring hate-mongering individuals.

Twitter's also a platform that takes up a lot of personal space between one's head. Between constant depictions of real time news, bad memes, and heated arguments on the platform, a sample population of which 38% are employed will not jump at the opportunity to sign up. Twitter can be draining as a platform, and therefore is something that teenagers these days would like to strictly avoid.

Instagram surprisingly ended up being the most used platform across the board, with TikTok not being too far behind. At any rate, these are both platforms that rely on pictures and videos. People like making their own photo and video content, which is what makes the likes of these two platforms so fun to use and engage with.

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