Facebook vs Frances Haugen Has Called The Oversight Board In Action

Facebook has been in the spotlight over the whistleblower case against Frances Haugen that sprinted in recent days to the media with an interview giving a face to the action suit that has been taken against the company not only causing it losses in the program but also having troubles in regards to maintaining their reputation and winning cases as they have been coming under the spotlight more often than naught.

Going public with her concerns, Frances Haugen has not only caught the attention of the media but also of the external policy review board that has called for Frances to meet with them. In a tweet by Frances, she accepted the invitation of the board for the meeting. She further claimed that Facebook had repeatedly being keeping the board in the dark for some of its measures leading to criminal charges and she intends to bring up these cases to the attention of the board herself as the reason for having to accept the invitation.

To shed light on the investigation by the oversight board, it has been unearthed that they are more than interested in getting to know the entire story of Frances and make ammends to bring more transparency towards the user in their statements. This will be done with the assistance of the board power and their recommendation provided by the board to the company for further assistance.

The Oversight Board in an attempt to justify their openness and appreciate on the value for trust, disclosed that Facebook had allowed certain users on the platform to not go through the traditional Facebook checks that are there on the platform and covering up and over for that. This cross check had been brought to the spotlight and indicates that the board is investigating in regards to the degree of truth that was shared with them when the reports of the cross check were presented to them.

This all started by the report of the Journal on Facebook’s activities with the whistleblower, Frances Haugen previously being just an anonymous source for the paper but the problems introduced great value from the public having Frances to come out and causing the ups and downs in the Facebook value that won’t stop unless the dust settles.

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

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