Some spammy Android app developers are utilizing ads as a path to elude the Google Play Store, confidentially getting installed without the user's authorization

A post on Reddit reveals that some apps are trying to utilize scummy ads to elude Google Play, and to get install in phones without one's consent.

Interruption of advertisements, while one is doing something on its phone, always bothers.

Playing particular sort of free games or doing any other fun-related stuff, every time present one a full-screen advertisement whenever one tries to improve stages or loses. And there are certain sorts of app ads that don't go away even after watching the whole video, but unless one taps them to skip. A new discovery shows, some ads about apps don't just fade away on pressing the skip button instead they get installed in the phone without one's approval.

This disclosure has been made after receiving several complaints and reports from annoyed users.

Asserting that the apps were already downloaded on their cell phones regardless of their permission and confirmation, as a result of watching an advertisement and tried to avoid it.

No notification appears regarding the installation of the app, neither from the Google Play Store nor by the apps. This is the exploitation of the user's rights and privacy to forcefully download an app without their agreement on their devices.

According to the report, the lousy app ad seems like an ordinary app catalog usually induced from the Play Store, and an attempt to close one will ultimately happen the app to get downloaded without the user's obligatory approval.

The post further disclosed this action has been made happen with the Digital Turbine through its digital signal processing and by utilizing an operation application labeled Digital Turbine Ignite that eludes the Google Play store encounter. The app that has been proposed via the advertisement is fundamentally installed directly from the Digital Turbine's servers in the user's device as an effect of taping the ad with an intent to elude it.

And this is not something totally new, the digital turbine has been smashing the user's rights for a long. The producers used to secretly pre-installed this on the new devices in the production procedure.

The digital turbine has been employing the digital signal processor to automatically download the apps by apparently promoting the ads but particularly installing them without the owner's acceptance which is the exploitation of the user's right and authority.

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