Google Is Looking To Add Three New Features To Chrome, For The General Community's Concern

Google Chrome is testing out a slew of new features, geared towards making online shopping, searches, and quote sharing easier for users.

It's rather easy to end up losing something important in one's search history. One could be searching up recipes, they could be going through an important document, or they could be shopping online. However, we're usually prone to either close tabs behind us, and then cover them up with a heap of new searches and YouTube videos. Going through the search history day by day comes off as a complete hassle. Therefore, Google Chrome's launching a new Cards feature. Cards are available on the New Tab page of the Chrome browser. By drawing from a user's past history, Cards can pinpoint users to the relevant moments that they're looking for. As of yet, the only available modules include recipes, Google Drive documents, and online shopping carts.

The next feature at hand involves using the Google Search engine in Chrome. It's a very tedious process to constantly tap back and back when trying to access older webpages under a single Search session. Now there's a solution to this problem! Google has added a scroll bar underneath the address bar in Chrome, named as 'Continuous search'. Scrolling back or front on it will reveal all of a user's recently visited webpages, allowing them to jump back and forth between different one which much associated ease.

The final of these new features coming to Chrome involves the ability to share text from web pages as a quote graphic with one's friends and loved ones. This particular feature, labelled Stylized Quotes, is a rather self-explanatory concept. It's an ability to get stylish looking quotes from the internet. All an individual has to do is highlight the text they wish to send forward. A "create card" option will show up, allowing users to choose from a number of custom-made templates and fonts. The resultant stylized quote can then be downloaded or printed out, serving as décor or a nice form of greeting to someone you know.

Currently, none of these features are close to full access. All of the information provided above comes from the appearance of them on the Chrome 94 Beta build. This is a beta testing, yet publicly accessible site where Chrome tries out new ideas and does seem trouble shooting. These three features may not be expected anytime within the next month. However, considering that they're fully functioning, perhaps it's only a matter of some brief time before they'll make it to Chrome proper.

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