Amazon tests an audio conversation feature, however this one will be operating through its smart speakers and Alexa

One thing that has popularly emerged during the Pandemic is the live audio socializing platforms. It all started with Clubhouse being launched as the first live audio conversation application and now that it has launched on both iOS and Android, it has boasted thousands of active rooms on daily basis.

After Clubhouse, Twitter came up with Spaces, Snapchat came with Spotlight and Facebook came up with its own version that greatly increased the competition in the market.

However, the lists did not stop there. Spotify came up with Locker room that it launched through Betty Labs whose main topic of conversation was Sports and later it advanced to another platform called Greenroom which mainly focused on music, culture and sports.

While all these applications were enough to give an increasing competition in the market, Amazon decided that they needed to be in the game too and as of recent it has been reported by Axios that Amazon is working towards a new live audio feature. The soon to be launch platform by Amazon will not work on an app like the rest of its competitive applications for audio conversation but it would be operable on Amazon's smart speakers and the famous Alexa voice assistant. Some insiders from the company said the Amazon's new yet to be introduced audio conversation feature will initially just operate live concerts and performances, however if everything goes well and if the company plans in future they may focus on broadcasting live talk radio programs and podcasts.

Live Audio conversations have been a big part this pandemic and while there are already a lot of competitive application working on this in the market, Amazon must have made the big decision of launching a similar feature, so long after Clubhouse after thinking it through and that they must have seen potential in audio conversations that they decided to launch the feature because the company doesn’t take such important and big decision hastily.

Though Amazon will be bringing this feature to their smart speakers, the official release date or even the time frame hasn't been announced which means that either the feature is under testing or it is just an idea that the company hasn't started working on.

However, with the increasing popularity of audio social conversation applications it’s not a shock that even Amazon decided to launch a similar feature and we hope that whenever it is launched it turns out to be in favor for the said giant.

Creator: INA FASSBENDER | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

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