TikTok's new project aims to expand monetization opportunities and brand collaborations

TikTok is looking to collaborate with more brands to expand its influence.

Since TikTok has never been on top of the list when it comes to platforms made for monetization or making a little cash, it is natural for the platform to search for monetization chances unless it wants to end up like Vine. If we were to take into account what happened to Vine, TikTok creators would soon realize that they could have much better monetization opportunities on other platforms like YouTube and Instagram. If these creators shift over, they will also take along their huge chunk of audience meaning TikTok would lose a lot of its users.

To prevent this, TikTok is now making its Marketplace API also available to brands from outside. The move could go either way since this would enable third-party users to showcase TikTok's creator listings. They would be able to potentially submerge the TikTok's listings into their own platforms. Of course, TikTok will be smart about this and only allow capable companies but it still remains a rather skeptical move since it runs the risk of labeling those creators.

The Creators Marketplace wasn't launched just yesterday, it has been around since 2019 as a way for brands to directly find and approach the creators that would best represent their brands. To amplify the policies and objectives of a certain brand and their goals and ambitions, it is seen as a prime move now to include social media therefore seeing TikTok incorporate a marketplace is definitely a wise move, certainly one which would prevent the platform ending up anything like Vine.

TikTok is a brand identified through short clips. If there is anything an income cannot be based off, it certainly is short videos. This is why TikTok does need to work a little extra hard to makeup for the fact that it does not have such hardcore monetizable resources. This new marketplace API is designed to let brands access creator and audience data firsthand. They can then fetch them to their own platforms to elaborate their own messages.

For now, the brands that have come to light that will be partaking in this new feature are Captiv8 and Influencial, both of which are strong platforms with sound voices. Not only will the new feature help brands amplify their messages but will bring more audience to TikTok itself and raise awareness on its new feature. Since TikTok is a platform that thrives off creativity and uniqueness, brands could use this to give themselves an essence that would hardly be held up by other platforms. If successful, it would really push TikTok towards the success it cannot fathom for now.

The launch of this update is not yet announced but stay connected and we'll come back with its update soon!

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