Chrome is experimenting with related Google search results in top bar for Android users

The biggest search engine, Google is famous for coming with ways that can ease up the process of web browsing for its users. Being the Parent company to Google Chrome, Google keeps trying to improve all the linked platforms. Recently Google Chrome faced criticism for its Group Tab features but it seems like the new feature that has been introduced by Google, could play an important role in making web browsing more easy.

The feature is only available for Android users, and has been named as "Continuous Search Navigation", which can be enabled mannerly from chrome://flags in Chrome Canary version and by searching 'Continuous Search Navigation' in the search. The main idea behind this is to link the searches done on Google Search with the Chrome version. It gathers the information from Google search and merge it with Chrome to ensure a more swift experience while searching.

Using the feature is as easy it sounds. Once it has been enabled on a user device, it'll appear when users open a website or search anything thing on Google in Chrome browser. As soon as the result is opened for the respective search, the interface of the browser will show an additional bar right under the search bar. This additional bar will be hosting a list of all the websites as search results fetched in response to the search being made by the user. Selecting any link from the fetched websites will instantly open the alternative results. This will be helpful in conserving time instead of going back again and opening a new link to find the desired information.

If the user is successful enough to find the page or information that was required, then they can simply just tap the 'X' button available near the search bar, and in response all the alternative website will be removed along with the additional bar that just appeared. And unfortunately if the desired information is not received or the user wants to search another thing, they can simply tap the G button available and they will be directed towards the Google search in an instant and from there, they can use the Google search to continue searching.

If the user learns how to use this feature then it can come in clutch while doing research on any topic either it is an educational search or comparing products and their prices from other available websites.

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