Twitter launches a test version of the Revue newsletter integration, which allows Revue creators to showcase subscriptions on their profiles

With technology and the internet gaining more and more popularity, the number of users on social media are largely increasing. According to a survey almost 56.8% of the global population, now actively use social media platforms. This massive growth in the last few decades have made the social media industry amongst the highest earning industries out there. This large market and the multiple revenue streams that social media sites offer to its owners, really does attract a lot of entrepreneurs and investors. With a large amount of people being interested into creating newer and innovative social media platforms, the social media though a growing market is now saturated with every platform aggressively fighting for its share.

Newer social media channels coming in are making it a little difficult for the already established one to survive in the market, which is why different social platforms are trying out new techniques to increase their user base. One popular technique that social media platforms are using nowadays to sustain the most amount of users is pretty simple and that is making platforms creator friendly. This is because a creator friendly platform that makes money for the creator while also making things easy for them, makes the creator stay and if the creator stays, so does their audience.

In the past year, different social media platforms came up with many ideas for their creators to earn and most of them were quite successful. Twitter however, came out with something more interesting than usual. Twitter for its creators to earn, chose to integrate with another platform known as Revue, which basically allows people to write newsletters that other people can subscribe to. With Revue integrated into Twitter, Revue creators will be able to attach their revue newsletter to their Twitter profile. This will lead to other people buying their subscription thus making them a good amount of money. Users will be able to subscribe to a Revue newsletter by the subscribe button that is located right under the profile description.

The Revue integration is now available for a set of Revue creators on Twitter, however the integration is still a test feature, which is why the newsletters will show to only a limited amount of users.

Twitter previously released a test version of this feature, which proved to be quite successful. Now with the feature releasing soon, Twitter hopes that this integration will allow communities and content to grow on Twitter.

While the current Revue integration version is still limited to testing, it is quite a big step for Twitter and with Twitter being a platform that is developed around news and opinions, this update will likely prove to be successful.
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