Twitter's new feature enables users to share a single tweet amongst multiple people

Twitter is launching a new update that will save users all the embarrassment from accidentally creating DM groups. It has happened to almost everyone at least once in their lifetime that they've mistakenly created a group which had zero intentions of being created and consisted of the most bizarre connection possibly ruining businesses, reputations, and relationships as well. Imagine sending a lovey tweet to 4 different girls? Now that's what we call embarrassing.

To save you from all that trouble and humiliation, Twitter will now allow users to share the same tweet with up to 20 different users at the same time without the creation of any group. You don't have to worry about merging them in one as was the case in the past.

Similar to what Instagram had before, the platform also harbored the same feature where sending a post to different DMs might sometimes potentially merge them into a group but Instagram detected the problem beforehand hence it was fixed as well, as now you can send DMs separately to everyone and now the same case is with Twitter.

As always, iOS has the upper hand therefore the change is rolling out on iPad, iPhone, and the web at the moment with the promise to get to Android very soon however we are a tad bit skeptical about that. It was also notable that there was no mention of Mac anywhere here, but since it is also an Apple creation, it will be launched quite soon.

The change will only be implemented to the original Twitter app therefore all other versions like Tweetbot and Aviary will not be blessed with this. Since these versions never did have the same issue either and users could share multiple tweets without the pinch of embarrassment accompanying it, an update isn't needed.

Twitter has been on the roll this week as not only sending direct messages individually, Twitter will also be stamping those messages with date and time in groups instead of doing it individually. This will certainly save a lot of space and will surely make the space look a whole less cluttered.

Furthermore, Twitter will now allow users to react to texts through two different ways. The first being double-tapping texts and the new one being holding texts for long. This is definitely a wise improvement, one that is influenced by its rival platform, Instagram. Users will also get the ability to scroll down to the end of the conversation through a down-arrow button, the only feature that is accessible to both iOS and Android users.

Twitter has been adding various new elements including a direct follow to the Revue newsletters as well as Covid-19 updates to keep the platform up-to-date. We look forward to all of its new creations launching very soon.

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