Revue aims to help Twitter creators generate more revenue through newsletter subscriptions from their profiles

Twitter has decided to add a subscription button accompanying profiles to entertain users with newsletters as a way to generate more revenue.

As more creators take to digital world, online platforms keep adding supplementary sources for revenue generation. Twitter has been seen increasing its monetization resources as opposed to the 'free' Facebook platform. The question here remains whether this will decrease the engagement of unpaid users subjecting them to 'biased treatment' while attracting more creators looking for ways to escalate their growth.

Profiles will now exhibit a 'subscription' button inclusive of the details regarding the newsletter of interest. Twitter claims a sample of the subscription letter will also be provided to give users a better view of the service they're signing up for. The sample can be skipped and users can directly subscribe to the letters followed by a confirmation email.

According to Twitter's official newsletter service, Revue, Twitter is looking for ways to enhance the experiences of writers, enabling them to discover more opportunities to promote their content, and such a subscription will be the perfect device to achieve that.

Since Twitter aims to increase its audience by around 120 million more users in the coming years, it is building more opportunities to attract newcomers. As for the engagement ratio, it is already high yet Twitter aims for a substantial proportion in the future.

Twitter also introduced some new upcoming features inclusive of Twitter Blue, ticketing spaces, Super followers, and on-profile tipping, all of which are paid services. To increase the engagement ratio, it is promoting the paid/unpaid barrier through an air of secrecy which aims to allure more users to dig their pockets.

We also have caught the air of a new project that Twitter aims to launch in the coming days. Users will now be able to create a much-elevated profile through the 'Professional Profile' trial. Some of the prototypes provided by the application showcase areas to include additional business-related intel.

With such an engaging view already, where will Twitter add its new add-ons? It looks like the space beneath the main profile will now be a show window for all new features including the newsletter and the business profile. We deem it to be the perfect spot as it will highlight the specs of one's profile, being the center of attention especially for services that are paid.

We're sure this will cause a stir of excitement amongst the tweeple, but we're not sure how this could add to the generation of a hefty revenue. Since the feature is hidden and you need followers to visit your account to access it, we assume it will not be such a great hit. The engagement rate is going to be apparent once you check your profile visits through the analytics.

To overcome this, Twitter promises to add subscription options to tweets appearing on the feed as well. We suppose this will surely result in endless subscription tweets linking their profiles which might be a considerable blow to the clean standard of the site consisting of only authentic entertaining tweets.

We expect Twitter to gain more creators through such ventures while Twitter vows to introduce more profile add-ons soon along with Revue.

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