YouTube joins the suit as TikTok updates live streaming tools

YouTube announced to update its livestream options as well, following TikTok's announcement to enhance the live streaming experience.

YouTube had launched trailers last year for videos and clips which it further added onto this year by adding the option to include live stream trailers as well. This is indeed a huge improvement, considering live streams capture a way larger and active audience as compared to regular videos.

This is why many users have opted to use these live streams as a major source of monetization. Branding through these videos is the most assured way of capturing clients as well as potential brand-deals since the audience is real and the communication authentic.

The process to upload these live streams is a tad bit unusual but nevertheless, pretty simple. You need to first upload the short 30 second or 1 minute clip as a video on your channel. Then you need to choose it as your preview to your live stream. The live stream trailer upload option can be found through YouTube's live control room.

YouTube is pretty strict when it comes to their live stream options since the videos cannot be moderated considering they are live and are conducted real-time. To implement its policies, only those with at least a 1000 followers would be able to conduct these sessions while those with 1 or more strikes would be deprived of this feature. A user needs to have 0 strikes to have access to conducting live streams.

YouTube also introduced yet another feature that would make it a whole lot easier to engage followers. This feature was only available for gamer live streams however would now be an active part of all kinds. As you may have already guessed, the platform has decided to introduce a live stream chat poll option. These chat polls can only be viewed when the session is being conducted and not in the recorded videos.

Live streaming was quite the thing back in the days when everyone seemed to conduct these sessions at large however the hype only lasted a fortnight. With TikTok and YouTube's decision to add them back and with Instagram's live sessions, we are positive the trend is going to stay longer this time around. With the ever increasing monetization opportunities, live streams are going to prove to be quite the tool in e-commerce. With the right platform and right guides, live streams can ensure users heavy pockets in the years to come.

Seeing how YouTube followed TikTok's suit here and how TikTok seems to take after YouTube's every new feature, it won't be long before the two apps are identical or maybe unite.

So grab your popcorn and wait for the two apps to battle once again, providing us amazing features on both the platforms in the process.

Image Credits: Olly Curtis/Future / Getty Images

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