In the upcoming 2021 updates, if users disable the ads personalization, Google Play will automatically confiscate their advertising ID

Through the ads’ personalization, users can see those ads which are related to their interests, so this can also help the marketers to get the whole idea of likings and disliking of users. Google Play produces a unique advertising Identification for every user who wants to see their interest-related ads. This advertising identification gives users improved controls and provides developers with a modest, normal system to monetize their applications, it also helps to avoid deceptions and scams. As per the new updates in 2021, the company says that if users disable the ads personalization from the settings of their profile, the company will not use their ID for personalized advertisement, but it will still retain that identification for other drives.

Currently, if users go to the setting of their account, then disable the interest-based advertising; their ID will still be shown to applications. However, in the upcoming updates, Google Play will confiscate the advertising ID of users if users have turned off the advertisement personalization option. Any effort to check the details about the ID of users will get nothing but a string of zeros. After the implementation of these changes, the applications will not be able to see the advertising ID of users; further, the company will also notify the applications about the removal of the users’ ID so that if the applications have any retained data, they need to eradicate it. This will also build the trust of users that their personal data is secured even after switching off the option.

The company says that it will offer additional particulars and substitute answers to assist vital use cases for example analytics and scam deterrence. So far, there are no details about the substitute solutions that the company will launch soon. The company has also published the pictures of the deleting option of the advertising ID of users, this option will be launched in the update of Android 12 may be in the next year. The company has also included some new data on its support page. Those developers, who want to get notices for the confiscated ID of users, need to sign up for the notifications scheme. If users use the advertising identification for vital use cases just like analytics of scam deterrence, they need to move to App Set ID. The company considers this as privacy friendly feature and it will not be used for interest-based advertising.

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