TikTok Adds A Slew Of New Features To Its Livestream Interface, Including QnAs & Guests

TikTok's introducing new handy features to its livestream feature, including QnA sessions, and the ability to co-stream.

TikTok's current fame is in and of itself an amazing phenomenon. The incredulity of the platform's success is only enhanced by the fact that TikTok wasn't necessarily planned to be used the way it currently is. When Musical.ly was acquired by ByteDance and incorporated into their own short form video app, making the TikTok we all know and love today, many doubted that it would ever amount to more than an exaggerated form of lip sync. Instead, the younger generation took the platform's iconic low-budget filming style, and repurposed it into something more akin to Vine. Suddenly, much of the latter's success was reborn in the former. The shirt comedic videos and stories became sensations, certain content creators gained influencer levels of fame. And, to top it all off, TikTok's been keeping up with the tune of the audience, providing further features to accentuate the video making process.

Additions such as green screen, filters, and its recent swing into AR are what's keeping TikTok constantly relevant amongst is massive audience. An audience that, it should be noted, has grown beyond the boundaries of the youth, and now actively consists of millennials and baby boomers as well. While its also becoming more advertiser friendly, which is an unwelcome sight for many users, this only further accentuated the growth TikTok is still undergoing. Speaking of new features and updates, we might as well get to discussing the livestream feature's new additions.

As stated before, TikTok's become an important platform, with influencers rising from its success. Livestreams were incorporated into the platform to allow such individuals to more easily engage with their audiences. Since the feature is relatively new, it didn't really have much to it outside of live comments on the bottom end of the screen. The live QnA feature brings much to the table, allowing the community to more easily interact with influencers, asking questions in a more organized manner outside of the heaping live comments. This feature is much like Facebook Live's QnA, where one question is prominently displayed at the bottom of the livestream for everyone to note.

Another feature that's been introduced is the ability to invite guests over into a stream, having two people going live at the same time. Again, this is a feature that influencers on the platform could easily utilize in the form of collaborations and the like. It could also be used to conduct informative sessions, allowing people using the TikTok platform to get together with other like-minded individuals and raise awareness on certain topics that they feel to be important.

Along with these two features, TikTok's also recently added the ability to schedule livestreams, allowing users to inform their followers about important updates ahead of time.

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