Snapchat’s Snap Map Pushes For An Algorithm Based Recommendation System For Trendy Restaurants

We are well aware of the ghost that looms over the yellow background and its success since the inception in the year 2011. The journey has introduced many trends over the years and the strongest one being how it has revolutionized the way that photos were taken. Credits to the filters that it allows the user to change the colors of their photographs, their physical appearance, background and all other features including their voice as well. Some new features include a baby face filter and also allows users to create their own filter that can be shared with friends and acquaintances. The most recent update is relevant to the Snap Map that caused much controversy in its first appearance but is now a very dear feature for all Snapchat users and friends.

The recent update has allowed for the Snap Map to contain three additional features that suggests, adds and automatically recognizes the restaurants that the user has checked in to.

The first part of this three pronged update is the visited tab that would include all the places that the user has checked into as well as is expected to rank them according to what the user likes. The second part of the update is self explanatory as it can be used to save the places the user would like to visit.

The third update is the one that piqued interest of almost everyone as it marks the first attempt by Snapchat to utilize the properties of Artificial Intelligence. This popular tab takes into account all the ranges of options that are provided to different users and based on these answers, it creates a list of the top restaurants in the area.

To further this, Snapchat has collaborated with Ticketmaster and The Infatuation that are two restaurant rating companies. Apart from that the survey by Snapchat also shows that around 44% of its 250 million users will be engaging in post Covid activities. To top it all off, the numbers in the second quarter released by snapchat indicate the exponential growth it has received in its revenue and daily users as well. It has grown by 23% over the last year and has the highest rate of growth over the last four years.

Since this is the first attempt by Snapchat on such a big feature in Snap Map, it is expected to have some problems that are expected to be resolved by the development team at Snapchat sooner rather than later. Even though this is a smart map in change of Google and Apple map for restaurant indication, there are areas where Google and Apple triumph over Snap Map as it guides and provides more options to the users. However, it can be said that both of these types of maps are special in their own and cannot be compared quantitatively.

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