Facebook is allowing religious groups to charge a small fee from members for their religious services

Facebook wants to upsurge the quality of content on its platform, therefore, it said earlier that it will not charge the creators for the next 2 years. Now moving forward to just provide an option to creators to monetize their content, the platform is trying to collaborate with the religious groups by giving them an opportunity to make money through their high-class content such as messages from religious leaders. It is a good decision to work with these leaders as they have a strong following among flocks. The platform can also bring different religious groups on one platform, therefore, it was pursuing these groups for 3 years, but recently it has boosted its efforts especially during the last year.

A religious institute said that through the monetization tools of the platform, they can earn money. Now the platform has even introduced an option through which the people can also donate their money to religious institute (such as Churches or Mosques) during the live streaming. In the other type of monetization tool, the religious groups can take $10 subscriptions from users for the content such as messages from prelates, as reported by Insider. During the last month, one of the executives of the platform Sheryl Sandberg discussed during the Virtual Summit that the platform is testing a new service for spiritual cohorts. The executive further said that the main aim of both religious organizations and social media platforms is to build a connection. The leaders also talked about the features that the platform is experimenting for religious groups.

A few days ago, Reuters also reported that the platform has also launched a prayer tool. However, the platform has not made any comment on this yet. Sandberg stated about the virtual reality program of the platform that she hopes that people will get the religious services in VR, or they will preach their children about their religion with the help of AR. The CEO of the platform has supported the VR division and said during the last few days that he wants that people may interrelate with the platform in 3D instead of using the screen of their smartphones.

The idea of partnering with religious cohorts can also help the platform in many ways as these groups have a strong influence not only on the public but also on government officials.

Photo: Dado Ruvic / Reuters

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