Twitter Is Creating A Way To Share Its Platform With Apple IDs

Twitter is apparently working alongside Apple in order to integrate Sign In With Apple with the former’s own interface. This way, the latter’s users can log into their Twitter accounts using their Apple IDs.

A similar version of such a feature can often be encountered across the internet via Facebook. The social network is still an online media powerhouse. Accordingly, the proof can be found in just how many websites can be encountered where users are asked to either create a new account, or log in with Facebook. Examples range from the likes of Pinterest, Instagram (which is consequently also owned by Facebook), Canva, and many other smaller websites and platforms spread throughout the web. Many platforms are also compatible with Google accounts in the same way, asking users to sign in with their Gmail I.D.s. It’s a testament to just how small of a world the internet is, allowing users from multiple nations and platforms to engage with each other using accounts from a single third party platform. Think of owning Facebook and Gmail accounts as selective passports, in an exaggerated viewpoint of online interaction.

So far, Twitter has no such online variant. The social media platform, very popular in its own right and a powerhouse for sharing (and also debating, for the most part) ideologies and opinions, hasn’t made many strides in the name of cross platform pollination. While Facebook’s always been interested in acquiring or interacting with third party sources (what with it buying out Oculus and Instagram, & attempting to do so with Snapchat), Twitter and its corporate structure seems to have no such interest. However, it seems like Apple is interested in making a move. And it’s not the only one.

Apple is also a company that has very contentedly kept to its own ecosystem. It’s even actively gotten into scrapes with other platforms over its strict security regulations, most notably going head to head with Facebook over the iOS 14. At any rate, Apple is apparently working with Twitter to establish a system via which users with Apple accounts can log into Twitter without creating any accounts for the latter. While neither party has made such plans apparent, social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong has taken to Twitter, highlighting her reasons for believing so. Sharing confidential screenshots, she notes that Twitter has a new “connected accounts” interface, detailing Twitter accounts that are connected to Apple IDs. Another surprise is that this interface also details connectivity with Google IDs. Wong, recently, in another reverse engineering attempt also spotted that Twitter is testing the sign in with Google feature.

When these features will show up, no one can say. None of the parties involved have yet commented on them.

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