Whatsapp allows users to scroll messages through the notifications window with a new feature in the iOS Beta update

Whatsapp’s new update (i.e.: is full of surprises and we can’t stop smiling.

As per Wabetainfo, the messaging platform is rolling out a new feature for all iOS beta users recently which consists of a new interactive in-app notification bar. You can now browse chats and messages properly in the overhead chatbox, being able to scroll to your heart’s content.

Rolled out last year, the old in-app notification box allowed users to access and reply to messages through the notifications bar. However, the feature did not allow users to delve any further into the chat than the last text received. Although we were grateful for the update, it did seem a tad bit incomplete.

The new update launched last week for iOS is now allowing the users to scroll through the texts as well. You can now see old texts, new texts, and replies you might’ve given. This allows for a much more complete experience, one we did not even know we needed!

For users who might be worried that doing so would reveal your availability, Whatsapp guarantees that the recipient won’t be able to know if you’ve checked their messages unless you open the chat or reply from the overhead box. This remains the same as the last update which we frankly are quite grateful for.

The overhead banner will not only enable users to view texts but will also allow them to browse pictures, videos, and gifs. Of course, you can reply with gifs from the overhead banner as well. This will save your time and a lot of muscle power from your thumbs.

The non-static chat has been receiving quite a positive response while Android users are quite unhappy as they’re always second in line. Whatsapp promises to roll out the feature to Android users as well soon enough, so wait just a little longer.

Whatsapp has also been keen to keep user privacy on the top of their priority list. The introduction of end-to-end encryption got Whatsapp users back on the faith train. This update was launched back in May with the new version and people cannot be more pleased.

We also must inform you that Facebook is looking for ways to merge the data on all its messaging sites including Messenger and Whatsapp. If the operation is successful, we won't have to go through the trouble of keeping tabs on all the platforms; however, the process to achieve this update is going to take eons.

Lastly, we must admit that Whatsapp is slowly clearing out all other messaging apps through the continued release of high-quality features. It is already on top and it won’t be long till people forget all about the other applications.

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Whatsapp allows users to scroll messages through the notifications window with a new feature in the iOS Beta update

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